What we offer:

Wireless 2.4ghz Internet Access
Supports all OS types (anything that can do TCP/IP)
Virus Scanning for All E-mail (both incoming and outgoing) (the FIRST in the area)
SPAM filtering (also the FIRST in the area)
Web Page Hosting
FTP drop boxes
Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Hosting  ( )
E-mail (POP3, Web Based, IMAP)

24 / 7 hour system monitoring
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Local Weather-Riddle
Glenbrook Loop, Riddle, OR
temp: 47.8 F (8.8 C) (8.8)
humidity: 98%
wind: Calm
pressure: 29.57" (1001.2 mb)
station: KORRIDDL2
hardware: WS-1080
updated:November 1, 12:14 AM PDT
local forecast